A Small Firm with Broad Capabilities

We are a small, highly specialized water resources firm that combines cutting-edge water analysis techniques with the deep, practical experience of our company founder, Kelly DiNatale. We view helping our clients as not just a technical challenge but also a creative one. Our team is well-balanced; we offer real-world experience combined with contemporary planning, modeling and water accounting skills.

Kelly DiNatale, PE

Founder and President

Kelly DiNatale

Mr. DiNatale is a well-regarded water resource expert in the western United States. He brings over 35 years of experience in municipal government water systems and water resources consulting, including with the City of Westminster, Colorado, CDM Consulting Engineers and the City of Boulder Water Resources Advisory Board. He founded DiNatale Water Consultants in 2009 where he and his staff assist clients ranging from municipal governments, water authorities and special districts, irrigation companies and districts, federal and state agencies, industrial users and private water rights owners with full-spectrum water resources consulting services. Specialty areas of his practice include water supply, basin planning and permitting, water demand forecasting, water rights analysis, in-stream flow evaluation, water quality and utility operations and financing.

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Matt Bliss, PE

Water Resources Engineer

Matt Bliss

Mr. Bliss joined DiNatale Water Consultants in 2013 after working for over seven years in consulting. His expertise is in water supply planning, water rights and permitting issues. Mr. Bliss has been qualified as an expert in Colorado water court and has provided expert testimony in change of use cases in the South Platte River basin. He employs a variety of tools to provide reliable and creative solutions for his clients, such as of surface and ground water modeling platforms, including StateMOD and StateCU, RiverWare, MODSIM and MODFLOW as well as custom-built advanced spreadsheet models. A former math teacher, Mr. Bliss holds a bachelor’s of science degree in mathematics from Colorado State University and a master’s of science in civil engineering from the University of Colorado. Mr. Bliss is fluent in Spanish and German, enjoys travel and a variety of four-season outdoor activities.

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Arista Shippy

Water Resources Engineer

Arista Hickman

Ms. Shippy was the first staff member of DiNatale Water Consultants, joining the firm in 2011.  Ms. Shippy has expertise in RiverWare, StateMOD and advanced Excel models of reservoir and water supply system operations. She recently played an integral part in the development of the Rio Grande Basin Implementation Plan, one of nine basin plans that are part of the Colorado State Water Plan. Ms. Shippy holds a bachelor’s of science degree in environmental science from the University of Oregon and a master’s of science degree in civil engineering from the University of Colorado.

Ms. Shippy is active in Engineers Without Borders and serves as the Treasurer for the Rocky Mountain Professionals Chapter.  She has participated in three volunteer trips to Nepal with the organization. The lessons Ms. Shippy has learned from participating in engineering projects abroad are apparent in her innovative work, her flexibility and ability to stay calm under pressure, and her eagerness to take on any challenge, be it large or small.

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Brian Macpherson, EIT

Water Resources Engineer

Brian Macpherson

Mr. Macpherson joined DiNatale Water Consultants in 2013. He is expert in water modeling and water rights and reservoir accounting, with command of RiverWare, StateMOD, MODFLOW and ArcGIS. Mr. Macpherson also serves as staff liaison to the Colorado Division of Water Resources on water accounting for various clients.  He holds a bachelor’s of science degree in environmental engineering from Cornell University and master’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Colorado.

Mr. Macpherson is a driven ultra-runner, regularly competing in long distance trail runs and ski competitions.  His discipline and focus shows up at the office in the form of a can-do attitude where he likes the challenge of difficult tasks.

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Christopher Newton


Christopher Newton

Mr. Newton joined DiNatale Water Consultants in 2015, returning to his home state of Colorado. Mr. Newton completed his bachelor’s of science degree in geology at the University of Colorado and did post-baccalaureate coursework in the fields of geology and environmental science at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. In Flagstaff, he worked with high resolution weather data from the U.S. Geological Survey to characterize potential evapotranspiration at sites of interest in Grand Canyon National Park. He has experience with ArcMap and Surfer. Fascinated by mountains, Mr. Newton enjoys exploring around the Front Range in his spare time.

Mary Cowen

Office Manager

Mary Cowen

A Colorado native and former advertising and marketing executive on the West Coast, Ms. Cowen came to DiNatale Water Consultants in 2013 to coordinate the company’s general administrative tasks and to help with the company’s relocation to their current Boulder offices. Her proudest accomplishment is that Kelly occasionally calls her “Radar” as she’s putting something in front of him to sign. Never one with the sense to say “no” as a community volunteer, Ms. Cowen has served in school classrooms, on the board of a local healthcare non-profit, in the District Attorney Office’s Community Protection Division and, most recently, as chair of the annual Boulder County Senior Law Day education seminars.

Peter DiNatale

GIS and Water Resources Analyst

Peter DiNatale

Mr. DiNatale joined DiNatale Water Consultants in 2012. He supports the engineering staff by analyzing GIS and water resource data, and by preparing detailed maps for DiNatale clients. A Computer Networking undergraduate student, Mr. DiNatale provides comprehensive IT support to the firm.